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lant to spy out abuses which exist in the system we do not deny, nay, we earnestly maintain that this is its highest duty. The provisions of the Act should be seen to be rigorously enforced, and all destitute persons apply- ing for admission into our workhouses should be imme- diately admitted, whether into the casual ward or into the other department ; but it is a totally difi\'erent matter when we hear so much Buy Cialis Europe windy declamation against the whole system, and so many recommendations as have recently been made as to the necessity of affording to the poor an amount of out-door relief, which, if once con- ceded, would pauperise the whole community in a very short time. Do not such declaimers see that all our produce is dependent on somebody\'s work, and if we are to entertain the idea for a moment, that whenever a workman or workwoman begins to find toil disagreeable, some other person should continue to do this disagreeable thing in order that he or she should be unproductive, the very wealth which would support the idle for a time would soon melt away, and the whole country would become pauperised, unless, indeed, the poor in work- houses insisted on being treated as slaves are still in some countries, i.e., compelled to work hard and be fed just as the other members of society pleased in return for shelter and food. At the time of the Socialist Revolution in France, in 1848, the cry of the leaders of the parties was the \" Droit de travail.\" And what was this \" Droit de travail ?\" It was nothing more than a demand for a certain provision against starvation similar to what our admirable legisla- tion of 1832 assured to every one of us in this country. The French have no certainty, when in indigence, that they will have any succour ; and are obliged to appeal to the charitable efforts of some devoted citizens of Paris and other large towns. And with all of this, there can be no doubt that poverty is far less common and appalling in France than it is among us. Dr. Alexander Wood, too, has shown last year that the povevty of Scotland has in- creased since the introduction of the English Poor Law system into that country. Do not the writers, then, in our journals, who so eloquently inveigh against the evils of want of out-door relief, see that in so doing they are perhaps doing as much harm as they can to the true cause of human independence and dignity ; would any of them if young and in straits like to be granted facile charity by the State ? Do they not see that facility of obtaining alms is the most certain method for Buy Cialis Europe destroying every noble and independent sentiment in the breasts of the poor?